Terra Incognita is the hidden landscape,
that of the mind itself…

We have come together from a multidisciplinary background with a common vision: to scientifically map the ‘Terra Incognita’, and to explore non-dual consciousness and bring that state into the psychological paradigm.

We can see the contours of this invisible landscape, indeed, we have traveled there many times. This realm exists, and is part of the larger energetic ecology we are embedded in. By re-connecting to this world within and expanding our current paradigm, we can change the world outside of ourselves as well.

We have the vision, and the capability to make this manifest. We are currently seeking private sponsorship and financial support from the community to support our mission:

To explore the frontiers of consciousness and bring back maps of hyperspace

Rak Razam, July, 2015

The Map is Not the Territory

We believe that consciousness is the ‘master app’ of the 21st century. By exploring, understanding and entraining altered states of consciousness as part of the full spectrum of our capabilities, we are stepping into what it fully means to be human.

About Us

Terra Incognita is dedicated to understanding the nexus between consciousness and spirituality using cutting-edge EEG technology to map and entrain brain states and existing software and data management systems to make sense of the data we collect.

We will explore and collect data on altered states of consciousness, especially the tryptamine 5-MeO-DMT, which is legal in Mexico and many other countries worldwide. 5MEO catalyzes a non-dual or unity state of consciousness, and has been utilized by many indigenous cultures throughout Mesoamerica.

We will scientifically measure for the first time participants brainwave activity on 5MEO, and establish a scientific framework of understanding of its interaction with the brain. We will then seek to train participants with EEG biofeedback to recognize and activate the endogenous 5-MeO-DMT in their own brains, and to work together in group gestalt in and out of the 5MEO state.

Our ultimate objective is to unify the objective and the subjective – the scientific mapping of brainwave activity on the outside with documentation of the subjective reality on the inside for a full spectrum consciousness map of what is happening in the tryptamine experience.

We are also embracing the shamanic paradigm–as a science–to accentuate our experiences and results. Examples of this include setting intent; performing breathwork and yogic exercises before sessions; and utilizing meditative techniques to steer and navigate during the journey. Treating the sessions with a ceremonial respect and proper set and setting also sacralizes the event, and creates the correct mental atmosphere to engage with.

Our research team consists of experienced doctors and professionals in the fields of neuroscience, psychoanalysis, transpersonal psychology, anthropology, altered states, meditation and shamanism. This trained team of consciousness explorers will be supported by the latest neurohardware to capture, analyze and make sense of altered states of consciousness, to thus produce viable scientific results to enhance the field of human inquiry.

We intend to share and publish our data with the scientific community and in peer-reviewed medical and scientific journals if and /as applicable.

TerraIncognita-logo-alphaMission Overview

We will explore and collect data on altered states of consciousness, especially those from tryptamine pathways, induced from endogenous experience catalyzed from EEG brainwave entrainment and transcranial magnetic stimulation. We also gather EEG data on other tryptamine states like ayahuasca where it is legal (as in South America) and 5-MeO-DMT (legal in Mexico and elsewhere).


Information Technology

Utilizing existing software and Content Management Systems, we will create layered multimedia timelines that host three layers of information:


The video capture of the subject in the tryptamine state (analyzed for physiological data: blood pressure, heart rate, etc.)


By reliably harnessing EEG datasets of the different states of consciousness we will create a spectrum library of brain states and maps against subjective visionary experiences.


The subjective real-time oral report of the subject transcribed and mapped against the overall timeline to show correlations and patterns within the data.