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This proposal is to study the effects of 5-MeO-DMT on brainwave activity in a long-term study on human subjects. Both organic and synthetic 5MEO will be examined in relation to changes in consciousness and mapping these changes against baseline consciousness.

The study seeks to identify the effect of 5MEO in engendering non-dual states of consciousness, and to see if individuals can be trained with the external substance and neuro feedback to achieve the state endogenously.

Periphery outcomes include experimenting with group entrainment in and out of the 5MEO state to see if gestalt is more easily achieved and to learn about the affect of 5MEO on the Default Mode Network (DMN).




  1. To record clean EEG data samples of subjects with an EEG electrocap. The 5MEO state can induce much movement in subjects and any artifacts from movement need to be eliminated for clear results. Readings will be taken from baseline up in sub-threshold microdoses through to threshold, and then full breakthrough doses.
  2. Subjects are trained meditators and yogis who use asanas (body positions) and mudras (hand postures) to affect consciousness. We want to measure these modalities against the EEG spectrum, on and off 5MEO, to see if they accentuate or help modulate the non-dual state.
  1. Starting with two subjects, we will entrain them into cohesion with neurofeedback, and then replicate that state on 5MEO to test the outcome.
  1. If cohesion is successful between two subjects, we will expand the experiment to the five study subjects to achieve group gestalt. Then the group gestalt will be applied to the 5MEO state to measure group consciousness with Default Mode Network off in the non-dual state.


We will be following scientific protocols and safety measures in all our experiments, ensuring psychological testing and duty of care is followed at all times. We will engage professional psychological support to enact protocols and engagement with our crew, and monitor progress before, during and after our launches, and ensure ay long-term characterological shifts are integrated. We will also develop questionnaires and frameworks to ensure impartiality and proper level of professionalism is enacted, and create a common data language for shared understanding.




We will gather critical data on subjects in organic (Bufo Alvarius) and synthetic 5MeO-DMT states, and measure EEG brainwave activity in staggered doses from baseline, sub-threshold to full breakthrough.

We will document group entrainment exercises with neurofeedback to prove effectiveness at baseline, and with the Default Mode Network off, in the 5-MeO-DMT state.

We will examine yogic and meditation techniques effectiveness at modulating consciousness at baseline and with the Default Mode Network off, in the 5-MeO-DMT state.

We will harness all our EEG readings into ‘maps’ of consciousness to understand the 5MEO state and its relation to endogenous non-dual states in the brain.


Advance The Field Of Neuroscience

By reliably harnessing EEG datasets of the 5MEO and baseline consciousness we will create a spectrum library of the brain states. At each phase of the project, we envisage producing more datasets from volunteer psychonauts to build up this library. Each session will allow us to compare and extend our knowledge. This is valuable for the field of brain science, and understanding the interaction of consciousness with tryptamines in general.


Gestalt: Generating a Mastermind

As part of the research into lowered ego development (negating the ‘Default Mode Network’ areas of the brain), our trained pilots will also be using current EEG entrainment devices to achieve set brain states, and, especially, explore gestalt of group mind. This is a crucial part of our mission statement and the reason why we need five cutting edge EEG headsets for the crew work, and other entrainment hardware. It is believed that the lowered individual ego/identity is much more permeable to entrainment in group mind, and experiments on this level could bear much scientific and practical data and results.



We currently have a lead neuroscientist, a psychotherapist, and a trained dynamic meditators and pilots as part of our crew. An industry videographer will also be on hand to video capture each launch. A second tier support team of academics, anthropologists and tech support are offering in-kind services for pre- and post-launch data management.

Our research team consists of experienced doctors and professionals in the fields of neuroscience, psychoanalysis, anthropology, altered states, meditation and shamanism. This trained team of consciousness explorers will be supported by the latest neurohardware to capture, analyze and make sense of altered states, to thus produce viable scientific results to enhance the field of human inquiry. We intend to share and publish our data with the underground scientific community and in peer-reviewed medical and scientific journals if and /as applicable.



We are looking for the best hardware for the project for the best price. A leading example TBC is:


Mobile-72 Wireless EEG System

Have you every wondered what was inside your EEG system that made it so large? In developing our wireless EEG products, we realized that a new generation of miniature, low-noise data acquisition systems that are small enough to be wearable was needed.

The Mobile-72 is an ultra-portable high-density EEG system. The entire system fits on a cap and weighs only 200 grams providing the ultimate level of subject freedom. The cap uses standard Ag/AgCl electrodes for high-quality EEG measurements.

Ultra-portableWith the Mobile-72, hardware size and weight are no longer limitations to conducting EEG research. The wearable system is suitable for studies involving unconstrained, full body movement or outside the laboratory in real-world settings.

  • Virtually no restrictions or limitations on subject’s freedom to move
  • Portable EEG amplifier streams data and time markers wirelessly
  • Record to an onboard microSD card for long-term studies
  • Entire system fits on cap and weighs only 250 g: no cords, loose wires or backpacks

Research-grade Signal QualityThe Mobile-72 is based around the same advanced electronics as our dry EEG headsets, including identical amplification and shielding technology. This offers an unparalleled level of signal quality in all environments and even under ambulatory conditions.

  • Active shielded Ag/AgCl electrodes secured in cap, ensures highest signal quality even under subject motion
  • Immune to most electrical and mechanical artifacts
  • Up to 64 channels of EEG, 8-channels of auxiliary inputs for true high-density EEG
  • Real-time impedance check to guarantee adequate sensor contact and assist with rapid setup
  • 24-bit ADC, high-dynamic range inputs with flexible configuration of sample rates, bandwidth and channels


Like all Cognionics products, the Mobile-72 is designed to interface with all of the hardware and software tools necessary for advanced neuroscience research.


*** The Cognionics high density wireless EEG headcaps offer one of the most flexible technology for reliable brainwave data extracted from high-arousal tryptamine states. These states initiate both a mental reaction and a bodily arousal as energy is activated and channelled through the body. These movements–any movement, the eyes fluttering, jaw moving etc, traditionally create artifacts that corrupt the fine density EEG brainwave data. The Cognionics technologies promise full movement of the body and algorithms that can train and dedcut such movement artifacts from the raw data. Such equipment is vitally intrinsic to exploring tryptamine states and cannot be conducted without it.

Later phases of the Terra Incognita project will explore entrainment of brainstates into non-dual/ UNITY consciousness, first with individuals, and then with small, intimate groups in dyad-circuits, and this crucial stage will need multiple headsets to map, and entrain multiple people into a gestalt unity field.




We are currently seeking private sponsorship and financial support from the community to support our mission: To explore the frontiers of consciousness and bring back maps of hyperspace





Phase one consists of assembling the team and prototyping the procedures and steps required to do this research. After successfully enlisted experts in neuroscience, psychoanalysis, altered states and project management, we were able to conduct our first, small scale study. Phase one goals:


  • Acquire and train on EEG equipment
  • Prove viability of capturing brainwave map during various states of consciousness (see attached videos and EEG data sets)
  • Assemble team of experts in neuroscience, shamanism, anthropology, meditation.
  • Film and document research for later use


Estimated Budget: FUNDED!



Phase two will allow us to begin to produce statistically significant data and better understand the implications and possibilities of this project. Phase two goals:


  • Acquiring and training on affordable (20k each), yet cutting edge QEEG technology: Two Cognionics high density dry EEG caps (artifact reducing)
  • Understand the capabilities of the Cognionics EEG headsets
  • Generate a minimum of 20 brain maps via two research sessions with 5 subjects
  • Film and document research for later use
  • Generate best practices for research and scientific protocols
  • Determine plan for scaling
  • Research & film crew to document the studies
  • Post session interpolation of the data and establish Content Management Systems (CMS) for analysis of data


Estimated Budget: $100,000




Phase three is a total exploration of the possibilities of this project. By taking the learnings from Phase Two, we will be able to truly explore the depths of human consciousness and share the results with the community. Phase three goals:


  • Acquiring and training on affordable (20k each), yet cutting edge QEEG technology: Five (5) Cognionics high density dry EEG caps (artifact reducing) specifically for working with tryptamine arousal movement in group/ gestalt entrainment exercises to entrain endogenous tryptamine frequencies
  • Understand the capabilities of the Cognionics EEG headsets
  • Generate a statistically significant amount of brain maps (n=30) for each consciousness modality.
  • Film and document research for later use
  • Analyze data to generate reproducible findings & continue data analysis in the CMS (create maps). Incorporate previous data like Strassman results for wider sampling
  • Fund the NGO and staff salaries to continue data collection and integration into CMS


Estimated Budget: $500,000++




Advance The Field Of Neuroscience

By reliably harnessing EEG datasets of the different states of consciousness we will create a spectrum library of the brain states. At each phase of the project, we envisage producing more datasets from volunteer psychonauts to build up this library. Each session will allow us to compare and extend our knowledge. This is valuable for the field of brain science, and understanding the interaction of consciousness with tryptamines in general.

Map EEG Data Against The Subjective Experience

What the user saw and felt is often overlooked by mainstream science. This includes subjective descriptions of the realm(s) and entity contact therein. In this way we can map these nodes of interaction against the EEG timelines and look for correspondences and anomalies. We want to be able to differentiate native EEG data from any overlapping energy fields, and to do that we need the latest medical grade EEG technology.

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Develop A Framework For Understanding the ‘Terra Incognita’

We also envisage mapping our results and learnings against the anthropological record with Mesoamerican cultures descriptions of their shamanic usage of sacred substances containing 5-MeO-DMT. We will also study the modalities of yoga and meditation and draw upon their proven techniques for mindfulness and support of the non-dual state of consciousness. In this way we envisage building maps drawn from many cultures and traditions that approach this state, and to make these learnings available to the religious, meditation and consciousness communities through education and outreach, promoting diversity.

Projecting Neural Experience From User To User

There is also the possibility that the EEG data sets of individual hyperspatial journeys can be converted to viable imprints for direct neurological stimulation and emulation. The commercial arena already has software/ data companies that sell downloads of such binaural audio programs (“simulated experiences”), like the popular ‘I-Doser’, which claims to invoke qualities of mind like calm, imagination, focus, etc. The ‘Holy Grail’ of EEG- driven psychoentrainment technology is to use the EEG dataset from one subject’s experience to entrain another subject  who would theoretically then load the EEG map and experience what the first person did.  Whilst not technically feasible yet, it appears theoretically possible.

Exploring shared EEG maps with reduced Default Mode Network (DMN) activity whilst under the influence of (legal) psychoactive materials may be a critical pathway to successfully cracking the code and projecting neural experience from user to user. We will also explore frequency generator stim units that can generate pEMF (pulsed Electro Magnetic Field) frequencies similar to transcranial magnetic stimulation, and using these in combination with our other modalities to alter consciousness.

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