We believe that consciousness is the ‘killer app’ of the 21st century. By exploring, understanding and entraining altered states of consciousness as part of the full spectrum of our capabilities, we are stepping into what it fully means to be human.

We have come together from a multidisciplinary background with a common vision: to scientifically map the ‘Terra Incognita’, and to integrate the psychedelic state of altered consciousness into the psychological paradigm. We are kickstarting a movement to give focus and structure to the existing psychedelic and shamanic communities by sharing results and approaches to navigating the hyperspatial realms.

We can see the contours of this invisible landscape, indeed, we have traveled there many times. This realm exists, and is part of the larger energetic ecology we are embedded in. By re-connecting to this world within and expanding our current paradigm, we can change the world outside of ourselves as well.

We have the vision, and the capability to make this manifest. We are currently seeking private sponsorship and financial support from the community to support our mission:

To explore the frontiers of consciousness and bring back maps of hyperspace


Rak Razam,   May, 2015