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TERRA INCOGNITA PROJECT  is a 501c3 Not-for-profit corporation founded in California, Sept 9, 2015. EIN number: 47-5001833. Your gift is tax-deductible.


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Make checks payable to ‘Terra Incognita Project’ and mail them to:

Terra Incognita Project

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From preliminary tests we understand that the more intensively we document and datamine the experience, the more time and resources we need to do the job properly, and the more trained people we need to bring in, even in an advisory and support capacity.

We have a number of volunteers worldwide involved in academic anthropology, psychoanalysis and the medical community that will offer in-kind support for paperwork, protocols and data entry, and the systems we are creating for analyzing subjective experiments can possibly be open-sourced and crowd-sourced to the larger psychedelic/ shamanic community for use and improvement.

Investing in the state of the art commercial EEG hardware is our first funding goal. We encourage patronage to fund the project by donating money or hardware to our organization. Write to us at the email above and you can sponsor a single item from the hardware list, or make a stand alone financial contribution. We also invite companies and individuals within the neuroscience industry and community to donate financially or via their technology products as applicable.





2.01 Purpose

Terra Incognita Project – hereafter referred to as “The Corporation” is a non-profit corporation and shall be operated exclusively for charitable, religious, educational, and scientific purposes, including, for such purposes, the making of distributions to organizations that qualify as exempt organizations, under Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or the corresponding section of any future federal tax code.

The purpose of Terra Incognita Project is to explore the mind and consciousness using EEG brainwave technology to create documentation and entrainment (yoga, meditation, modalities, etc.) maps and pathways. We seek to advance the field of neuroscience and also work with indigenous cultures to understand and preserve their maps of consciousness and integrate them into the western paradigm.

To maximize our impact on current efforts, we may seek to collaborate with other non-profit organizations which fall under the 501(c) (3) section of the internal revenue code and are operated exclusively for educational and charitable purposes.