Mission Statement

Terra Incognita is dedicated to the scientific exploration of consciousness and spirituality. We support the sustainability of indigenous cultures and shamanic medicines in order to enable the integration of beneficial knowledge in the modern world.

Terra Incognita facilitates an ethical engagement with indigenous and contemporary peoples and communities, with a focus on traditional shamanic wisdom and resources, cultural integration and consciousness. Our focus is inclusive of health, community wellbeing, environmental impact and sustainability.

Scientific data is being collated in order to establish the neurochemical basis of consciousness as interpreted by religious, spiritual and shamanic cultures, as well as by altered states of consciousness induced by trance, meditation & other traditional world practices. Of particular interest is the study of tryptamines within legally permissible and religious context, including the indigenous cultural use of plant and animal based substances to alter states of consciousness.

Relevant findings will periodically be published & distributed within the academic community and in peer-reviewed medical and scientific journals. Online database Content Management Systems will be formed as an accessible platform offering mapped states of consciousness from many & varied traditions, religions, spiritual practices and shamanic medicines worldwide.

Terra Incognita invites relations with individuals and NGOS also focused on advancing the field of scientific, academic and conservation inquiry. We offer an alternative to the current world trajectory via indigenous and anthropological wisdom and knowledge of spirit & consciousness.

2016 NGO Director’s Statement